Learning Expectations

  • Compulsory 2-week crash programme each in CARPENTRY, PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, BRICLAYING-PLASTERING-TILING and CLAY BRICKS MOULDING & LAYING. This is with the view to letting candidates culture the eyes for the details of what all the artisanal tradesmen on site MUST do and how to supervise the quality of materials and time
  • How to read and interpret drawings (architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, etc)
  • How to (in conjunction with Surveyor, Carpenter, Plumber, etc) coordinate the establishment of the project’s plot from the general layout and general project planning
  • How to control dimensions on site – lead the SETTING OUT party (in conjunction with Surveyor, Carpenter, Plumber, etc) in translating the approved architectural drawing to the defined project’s plot using the theodolite and other survey precision equipment.
  • Management of QUALITY (concrete, materials, etc); TIME and COST of the project.
  • Improved managerial skills – How to liaise with the client, construction professionals, sub-contractors and artisans in the course of executing the approved project.
  • How to keep adequate records and give reports at pre-determined site meetings.
  • How to provide technical advises and solutions to site problems and disputes inter-personally and/or using modern technology.
  • How to oversee and enforce general health and safety rules to the stipulated statute or policy on site and strictly observe respect for building regulations.
  • CAD training and design.


Graduates in Engineering related backgrounds with less than five (5) years experience in site works. (Architects, Engineers, Builders, Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, Non-Graduate Foremen, etc)


  • Hard hat
  • Steel toe boots


  • Engineering calculator
  • Formal writing materials or tablet computer
  • Measuring tape/Preferably BOSCH laser measuring tool