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We believe that Nigerian artisans are not stupid! The discordant and dysfunctional training and continuous training programmes are the systemic failures bedevilling their skills level. In exposure and fixation on the use of obsolete tools/equipment further complicate their circumstance. This is why we believe that Nigerians who function and work to the operational excellence which is prevalent in respected building and construction markets worldwide should be used as icons of inspiration, motivation and challenge to the mentees.

We believe that all our training programmes must be factored to practical skills acquisition; which must be marked by visible and existing projects. Therefore, execution of live projects (candidates literally working out through commercial projects what they are being taught!) will be very important to how skills are imparted.

We are committed to giving special discounts to female candidates and candidates sponsored by faith-based organisations with special projects’ implementation collaboration arrangements with us. Call 08080806686 to arrange how to activate this special arrangements.

We, aside from our primary commitment to imparting top-notch skills to our mentees, also believe that there are urgent needs for reforms in our homes building culture. Especially as it relates to using scientifically-researched local building materials that will come out with fabulous outlooks, reduce the cost of building and the cost of energy to be used in running the build post-habitation

We are predisposed to engage with diasporans to methodically bring into fruition the kinds of homes they will love to have at home.

We are the foremost Building and Construction Trades Institute