ULDA’s Train2Build Philosophy

ULDA’s President worldwide and leadership mentor, Oloye-Engr. Olawumi Gasper, talking about how we’re out to:
1. Train to skill- and entrepreneurially-empower Nigerian youths in the market-valued competences of the construction industry-from the artisanal (construction carpentry, plumbing, domestic electrical with solar installation and maintenance, masonry skills and steelworks) to the managerial and professional (practical site management) skillsets;

2. Retrain and/or skills-upgrade practising construction workers to acquire global best practices in the deployment of their competences and in proficiently using efficiency enhancing state-of-the-art technological tools and equipment;

3. Help an average Nigerian investor in a building and construction project or an ordinary user of a construction asset get value by calling our unique and only free construction telephone advisory number manned by experts with years of experience in UK, US, South Africa and Dubai, across the trades, on +2348139841400!

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