Learning Expectations

  • Being able, on acknowledgement of a defined task, before the execution starts, to DETERMINE the necessary MATERIALS and QUANTITY to be used
  • How to physically DEFINE the APPROVED PLOT from the total layout with CARPENTRY SKILLS and TECHNIQUES (in conjunction with the Site Engineer and Surveyor) for a specific project.
  • How to collaborate with the Site Engineer, other professionals and artisans to practically implement the SETTING OUT process by PROFILING and PEGGING the building-line on the PLOT.
  • How to design and practically make the needed FORMWORK to FOUNDATION (depending on the approved foundation design for the project). And STRIKING FORMWORK thereafter.
  • How to design and make to architectural specifications accurate post foundation FORMWORKS for SLABS, COLUMNS and BEAMS of different designs depending on approved structural details.
  • Foundation setting up to approved engineering founHow to design and make basic ROOFS.dation drawings and details.
  • How to design and make FORMWORK for flat or concrete ROOFS.


Basic literacy in and use of English language.


  • Safety googles with side shields
  • Hard hat
  • Steel toe boots
  • Hand gloves
  • Overalls


  • Flexible measuring tape/BOSCH digital carpenter’s measuring device will be preferred.
  • Framing square.
  • Combination square
  • Level/BOSCH precision levelling tool preferred.
  • Carpenter’s pencil.
  • Chalk line
  • Quick square.