Learning Expectations

  • How to read and understand approved ARCHITECTURAL drawings.
  • Proficiency in identifying basic BRICKWORK, PLASTERING AND TILING materials, tools and equipment.
  • Undertaking brickwork and blockwork laying in buildings/structures.
  • Ability to undertake Concrete Works in construction
  • Understand the plastering procedure manually and using modern tools and equipment.
  • How to physically DEFINE the APPROVED PLOT from the total layout (in conjunction with the Site Engineer and Surveyor) for a specific project.
  • How to collaborate/communicate with the Site Engineer, other professionals and artisans to practically implement the SETTING OUT process of the building-line on the PLOT.
  • Technical drawing training
  • Foundation setting up to approved engineering foundation drawings and details.
  • Acquiring basic skills in area preparations, setting out, tile cutting/laying, finishing (grouting & cleaning), use of adhesives, wall/floor pattern laying and use of BOSCH laser line/leveling tools
  • How to Calculate materials and general estimation of TIME/QUALITY of work.


Basic literacy in and use of English language.


  • Safety googles with side shields
  • Hard hat
  • Steel toe boots
  • Hand gloves
  • Ear muffs
  • Protective clothing


  • Bricks jointer
  • Brick trowel
  • Measuring tape/Preferably BOSCH laser measuring tool
  • Spectacle
  • Max level or spirit level/Preferably BOSCH digital levels guide
  • Fat pencil
  • Building square
  • Hammer